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In many parts of the world today, large, unpredictable explosions are occurring all over the world, claiming the lives of many buildings and people. These explosions do not emit radioactivity like nuclear bombs, only the generation of heat is detected. Scientists around the world have been working hard to find out what it is, and they are finding out that it is a new type of bomb that has never existed before. However, it is now known that the true identity of the bomb is an object that stores light energy from the sun and can release it when needed, and that we are already using this object as a source of energy.

Why does this solar energy storage object have such great destructive power? Scientists around the world are now trying to figure this out. Meanwhile, the world's politicians are struggling to create mechanisms and draft agreements to prevent such a catastrophe.

First of all, I asked the inventor of this technology himself to explain what the technology in question is all about. According to the basic patent on this technology, it is possible to store light energy with a very simple material structure and the stored energy can be easily retrieved. He also shared with us his current state of mind about the seriousness of the situation.

Patent Specification of the Doctoral Application

1 Name of the Invention: Method for immobilization of light energy and release of that energy

2.Patent claims

Claim 1
A light-absorbing object characterized by continuously increasing the refractive index from the peripheral portion to the central portion in a three-dimensional object.

Claim 2
A storage of light energy in an object characterized by causing the object shown in claim 1 to absorb light intermittently or continuously.

Claim 3
Extraction of energy, characterized by releasing the stored energy by applying energy from an external source to the object storing light energy as indicated in claim 2, by destroying its components to the level of molecules.

Claim 4 A method of utilizing energy, characterized by absorbing and storing light energy in the object of claim 1 by the method of claim 2, and extracting the stored energy for use by the method of claim 3.


3. detailed description of the invention

The present invention relates to a method of storing electromagnetic energy, such as that of sunlight, and easily extracting the energy for use as needed. Optical communication technology is well known as a method for controlling light. In this technology, light with a fixed wavelength is passed through a glass or plastic fiber to enable high-capacity information communication. The key point of this technology is that the refractive index at the center of the fiber is higher than that of the surrounding area, preventing light from leaking out of the fiber.

The inventor had the idea that this optical fiber technology could be applied to a three-dimensional object, such as a sphere, to confine light inside the sphere. As an example, they fabricated a plastic sphere with a continuously increasing refractive index from the periphery to the center of the sphere and continuously irradiated it with sunlight narrowed down by lenses. The spheres were then burned in a calorimeter, and it was found that more heat was observed compared to the spheres without light absorption, and that the observed excess heat was comparable to the energy of the absorbed sunlight.

According to the method of the present invention, the stored energy can be easily recovered and utilized by irradiating an object that has absorbed electromagnetic energy such as light with laser beams or by burning the object.

The above is the main content of the patent. This patent is applicable to all electromagnetic waves, but for the sake of simplicity, we will use the word "light" thereafter.

Light absorbed by an object will continue to run through the object. Light has the characteristics of a wave, and if many waves overlap, the wave form will eventually be averaged out and it will not have the characteristics of a wave. Light energy is stored in the object when it no longer has the characteristics of a wave. However, the fact that this energy is released again when the object is destroyed by laser light or combustion suggests that the energy is fixed in some form or another.

What is even more interesting is that the upper limit of the stored energy is still unknown in my experiment. I have not yet been able to ascertain the limits of how far the light energy can be absorbed and how much light energy can be absorbed by the illuminated light. Therefore, according to my method of this invention, it is possible to store a large amount of energy in a small amount of resources (objects) and release the stored energy when needed, thus creating a great natural energy cycle system from an ecological perspective. There is no doubt that it will be a great benefit to our descendants for tens and hundreds of generations to come.

In this invention, plastic and inorganic materials can be used to construct the object, but the use of plastic materials is recommended due to the ease of destruction of the object during energy extraction.

I came up with this idea when I was doing research on dark energy and dark matter in the universe. There is only 4% of matter that we know of in the universe, with the remaining 74% being dark energy and 22% being dark matter. Matter alone cannot explain the motion of our Milky Way Galaxy. In other words, in a universe made up entirely of matter, the stars near the center of the galaxy should be orbiting around the galaxy's center of rotation at high speed, while our solar system, located farther away from the galaxy's center, should be orbiting slowly. However, our solar system is orbiting the galaxy at the same speed as the stars near the center of the galaxy, 240 km per second. To explain this, we must now assume the existence of something with a uniformly spreading gravitational force in our galaxy: dark energy and dark matter. However, both have not yet been observed.

Looking at the spiral shape of the Milky Way galaxy, one gets the sense that in the early days of galaxy formation, this dark energy and dark matter had little effect on the galactic rotation, and that in the past, the closer to the center of the galaxy, the faster the stars orbited. For reference, the average orbital speed of planets in our solar system is 47 km/second on Mercury, 30 km/second on Earth, and 10 km/second on Saturn - the closer a planet is to the sun, the faster its orbital speed is.

The closer a planet is to the sun, the faster its orbital velocity. The speed of light is often contrasted with the speed of sound. The speed of sound in air is 340 meters per second, which can now be easily determined by calculating the weight of a molecule and its energy to travel straight ahead using thermodynamics. This velocity is slower when the mass of the molecule is higher and faster when the mass is lower. For example, carbon dioxide (molecular weight 44) travels at 258 meters per second, while helium (molecular weight 4) travels at a speed of 970 meters per second, and so on. It is well known that light (electromagnetic waves) has the properties of both particles and waves. The energy E of light can be calculated from this wave property, where the frequency is ν and Planck's constant is h, where E=hν. On the other hand, since the mass of a photon is zero, its velocity in a vacuum should be infinite, considering the example of the speed of sound. However, its velocity is finite at 300,000 km/s.

Einstein built his theory of relativity on the assumption that the speed of light is constant at 300,000 kilometers per second wherever it is observed and that nothing can exceed this speed. His theory of relativity has filled in the flaws in Newton's classical physics and has withstood numerous tests, making it an all-or-nothing theory today. Why is the speed of light finite? Even Einstein never questioned this. However, I was never convinced that the speed of light is finite in any way.

According to optics, the speed of light slows down in matter. In materials with a large refractive index, the speed of light is slower. For example, the speed of light in water (refractive index 1.33) is 75% of the speed of light in a vacuum, and in a crystal (refractive index 1.54) it is 65%. If we take a hint from this idea of the refractive index, the speed of light in space, or 300,000 km/second in a vacuum, may involve some unknown object in the vacuum that reduces the speed of light from infinity to 300,000 km/second. I can't help but wonder if this is the case.


Suddenly, the word "inflation" popped into my head. It is the rapid expansion of the universe in the early days of its creation. As pointed out by Einstein, the upper limit to the speed of movement of objects in space is the speed of light, but there is no such limit to the speed of expansion of space. What it means for space to expand is not clear to me, but it is definitely space where the light reaches. In other words, a photon reached the leading edge of the expanded space at the same time as the expansion of space by inflation. Today the speed of light is 300,000 kilometers per second, but at the time of inflation there was no dark energy or dark matter to block the path of light, and the speed of light was probably close to infinity. After inflation, a big bang occurred and space was filled with objects, slowing the speed of light. When I thought about it, it was neat to me.

I looked to dark energy and dark matter to cause the speed of light to take on a finite value. This is an extension of the earlier discussion of the refractive index. Something material (matter) must be lurking in the galaxy's outer space to block the progress of light. This is where I came up with the idea of the disappearance of waveforms due to the interference of light waves. Light from the many stars in our galaxy orbits each other, canceling out the waveforms of the light waves as they orbit the galaxy, and eventually the waves disappear. Although it is not observed as a wave, its energy is not lost, but is preserved in space. The conserved energy is Einstein's E=mc2 and has a mass of m=E/c2. This energy and mass may be the equivalent of dark energy and dark matter. That explains everything. And so we actually tested this light wave canceling each other out on Earth and came up with this patent application. My hypothesis of packing the energy of the galactic universe into a small plastic sphere became a reality.

A few years after the patent application was filed, we were approached by a Japanese company. The company was not a large corporation, but it excelled in plastic granulation technology and had the ability to manufacture the object described in the patent. So we quickly signed a contract and began manufacturing this object. The first product manufactured was a single product, which was sold as a sphere 10 mm in diameter.

As the sphere's effectiveness was recognized, a number of companies began to produce light-absorbing devices for this object. These devices, which only needed a lens or concave mirror to collect the sun's light, became inexpensive and commercially available. However, the small diameter of the object does not mean that the light energy that can be stored is small. As explained in the patent, the upper limit of how much energy can be stored in this object has yet to be confirmed. Even if the object absorbs a large amount of light energy, it is difficult to determine the energy of the absorbed light from the increase in weight.

Other companies began to sell objects that absorbed light energy as fuel. By this time, the plastic processing company I mentioned above began to offer a variety of spherical products ranging from 1 mm to 50 mm in diameter, depending on their intended use.

In the meantime, companies selling light-energy-absorbing objects have received numerous complaints. This was because they did not contain the amount of energy indicated in the product specification or, conversely, contained much more energy than indicated. If the energy content was too low, the claim would be a simple one, but if the energy content was too high and led to the destruction of combustion furnaces, etc., the compensation would balloon, and in some cases, lives would be lost, and this labeling error began to become a social problem.

There is no way to know how much energy is absorbed by an object that is commercialized and sold. As mentioned earlier, the increase in energy cannot be measured in terms of weight. All we have is how much energy light is shone on an object and for how long is all the manufacturing data we have. The state required that a manufacturing record be kept for each product when light is absorbed by an object for marketing purposes. In the case of a one-mm sphere, the number of products manufactured was large and the record keeping was complicated, but this solved the problem for the time being.

The next problem was an accidental explosion at an energy absorption plant. Light-absorbing products were stored in a warehouse, and if any one of them had an energy release, a chain reaction would follow. The state took this situation very seriously and limited the total amount of energy that could be stored in the same location.

In addition, a truck transporting the object was involved in an accident on the highway and caused a massive explosion. The movement of objects storing light energy across county lines was banned, and limits were placed on the amount of objects that could be loaded onto a truck at a time.

The method of my invention is so simple to implement, however sophisticated, that many countries, regions, and organizations have created this object to absorb and distribute light energy, ignoring the existence of my patent. All over the place, objects using my invention are being sold. At first I claimed that these objects were my inventions by dismantling them and measuring the refractive indices of their parts, but this process had to be abandoned due to the fact that there was no end to the number of objects that could be tested and that there was a risk of explosion during the measurement. As a result, my patent was not effective in terms of making money. As a result, my patent was not effective for making money. The plastic processing company that commercialized my technology fell into the red and had to close down its business.

The following are just a few examples of how this product has been used

In a biomass power plant, this object, which stores light energy, can be mixed with wood fuel to significantly reduce the cost of power generation. The object was dispersed in water and led into a high temperature chamber to generate high temperature steam efficiently, which was used to generate electricity. The propulsive performance was improved by mixing the object with solid rocket fuel. The rocket can be made smaller and lighter, and thus can carry a larger payload into orbit.

While the invention was expected to be a great boon to mankind, there was also a downside to the invention. Incidents began to occur in many parts of the world. Someone tried to put a micro-object with a small diameter in gasoline and use it as an emulsion. The idea was brilliant, but the gasoline melted the plastic and released energy, which resulted in a huge explosion in the gasoline tank. There were also accidents in many places where large amounts of discarded objects containing energy exploded as soon as they entered the incinerator, shutting down the city's waste administration. To make matters worse, the terrorists began to use this object as an explosive. Mixing this object with conventional explosives increased its power significantly.

Nowadays, there are an unprecedented number of explosions in many parts of the world. Even a small grain of this object can cause a big explosion. If a malicious third party wants to commit terrorism, it is very easy to do so. A ball of 1 mm in diameter, for example, can be blended in anywhere. For example, if a fish in a store is mixed with this microbe, a huge explosion can be triggered when the fish is cooked. Social unrest is growing by the day, and there is a near panic.

Last month, a series of large, nuclear-grade explosions occurred in several European cities. Much of the architecture was so badly destroyed that it appeared to be caused by an atomic bomb, killing many people. And this month there were similar large explosions in Southeast Asia and North America. But what is strange is that buildings have been destroyed even as far as 100 km from the blast site. International agencies are currently investigating the mastermind behind the blasts, the extent of the damage and why the explosions were so powerful.

I thought about it. How did we get to this point in time, and how did we get to this point in time, contrary to what I thought? This may be the proof of human folly.

The history of mankind began with the Old Testament. On the first day of creation, God said, "Let there be light," and the heavens and the earth were created. From the second to the fifth day, God prepared the environment of the heavens and the earth, and on the sixth day, He made Adam and Eve, the ancestors of our human beings. God's love was so deep that He prepared a paradise for Adam and Eve, and they received eternal life and lived there without any problems.

But God told Adam and Eve only one rule they were to follow. Don't eat of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil that is in this paradise. God did not tell them why they should not eat it. The suffering of mankind would begin when they disobeyed God's command. The root of the source of that suffering is human curiosity, the quest for the unknown, and the very essence of human nature that people on earth today continue to have. This knowledge incident of Adam and Eve is the first time in human history that it has been proven that human beings have a spirit of inquiry that leads to suffering.

Mankind has explored all possibilities and achieved what seemed impossible one after another. The accumulation of these achievements has continued to the present day, and for a time mankind has succeeded in creating a paradise on earth. However, despite the fact that our ancestors, Adam and Eve, ate the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil and were banished to paradise, we, their descendants, have not succeeded in creating a perfect world based on goodness on this earth. Humanity must become wise. No matter how good a tool is, if you don't use it wisely, it won't make you happy. I am feeling the pain of my own inadequacy in the face of the unimaginable catastrophes that are occurring in various parts of the world today.


I had a dream last night. The God in the dream said, "You were going to be a God?

You were trying to be a god. Only I, God, can say, "Let there be light. Only I, God, can say "Let there be light. But you, in spite of yourself, said "Let there be light" all over the world, even though you are a human being. At that moment, as with the inflation at the creation of the universe, an inflation of space comparable to the energy released was to occur. The space that made up human society expanded, albeit slightly, around the point of explosion, resulting in a great strain. The strain destroyed many buildings and took many lives.

We must know that man has been an imperfect being since the time of Adam and Eve. Until that is known, I, as God, must watch over mankind and intervene in human society when necessary. In the past, I have given Moses the Ten Commandments and I have also sent My Son Jesus Christ into the world. Yet the stubbornness of humanity has not changed. This is a very serious situation, and I will surely give a warning to mankind in one way or another.

 I will only say one thing. You are the cause of this event, but it is the fate of mankind, its imperfection. It's not your fault. When many people on earth can understand that, that is, man is imperfect, then mankind will be able to build a true paradise on earth.


The morning was refreshing to wake up. Then a dream vision informed me of the cause of the great explosion and that the reason for the enormous scale of destruction was due to the momentary slight expansion of space. I am determined to cooperate with international organizations to the best of my ability to prevent the disaster that is occurring now.


From this point forward, I would like to ask you to take it off the record, as it is my heart.

I pledged my cooperation with international organizations, but at the same time, the fact that God had taught me about space dilation gave me the inspiration to use the object of my invention for tunneling, which could be easily and quickly completed. By controlling the amount of explosions, the scope of space expansion can be limited. The amount of rocks in the expanded space would remain the same, resulting in a good amount of clearance between the rocks, making it easier to extract the rocks. This technology should also be able to be used for the extraction of mineral resources. Let's write up the patent today and make a fortune this time," he said.

That concluded the interview with the doctor and the reporter politely thanked him. He did not forget to add a few words.

He said, "I think mankind has become materially wealthier than in the days of Adam and Eve's tribulation, but you are a creature who knows what goodness is, yet you put your own interests first.